Effect of Boron Foliar Application on Olive (Olea europea L.) Trees 1- Vegetative Growth, Flowering, Fruit Set, Yield and Fruit Quality

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This investigation was undertaken to study the effect of time and concentration of boron foliar application on olive trees (cv. Frantoio) vegetative growth, flowering, fruit set, yield and fruit quality. Treatments included six boron foliar sprays as boric acid prior to flowering at the following concentrations: 0.00, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 mg.L 1, applied on November, December and January during two successive seasons 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. The obtained results indicated that boron application significantly improved vegetative growth, flowering, fruit set, fruit yield and fruit quality compared with the control. The increase in fruit set was not accompanied by a reduction in fruit size. The highest increment of all mentioned traits was achieved at boron application rate of 200 mg.L 1 applied in January. Thus, this rate and time of boron application can be recommended for commercial use under similar condition.

E.S. Hegazi
R.A. El-Motaium
T.A. Yehia
M.E. Hashim
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants