Effect of Different Temperatures and Parameters Analysis of the Storage Life of Fresh Cucumber and Tomato using Controlled Atmosphere Technology

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The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of different controlled temperatures and analyze the measures and/or parameters of the controlled atmosphere storage for fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. The effect of temperature, relative humidity, gas composition and other impacting factors for fresh cucumbers and tomatoes storage was also analyzed. The storage lives of fruits treated with different temperatures and gas composition treatments (mainly including oxygen and carbon dioxide) was investigated in the present work. Recommendation for the controlled atmosphere storage suggested that optimal controlled atmosphere storage measures and/or parameters for fresh cucumbers and tomatoes were as following temperature (10-13°C, with a variation of ±1°C), relative humidity (90-95%) and maintaining appropriate atmosphere or gas composition (containing 6% oxygen and 15% carbon dioxide).

Wu-Yi Liu
American Journal of Food Technology