Effect of Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer and Humic Acid Formulation on the Growth and Nutritional Quality of Abelmoschus esculentus

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Background and Objectives: The problem of agro based pollution due to the extensive use of chemical fertilizers is combated by searching for natural organic fertilizers that can be obtained from various sources. In this line, a study was conducted to evaluate the potential of seaweed liquid fertilizer (SLF) and humic acid (HA) as potential bio-fertilizer. The aim of the study was to determine the influence of seaweed liquid fertilizer, humic acid and seaweed liquid fertilizer:humic acids in various concentrations on the growth of Abelmoschus esculentus . Materials and Methods: The above plant growth promoters were applied as foliar spray at different intervals with the following concentrations namely SLF (1-10%), HA (0.1-1%) and SLF:HA (8.0:1.0% to 8.9:0.9%). Total carbohydrates measured by Anthrone method and total proteins contents measured by Lowry’s method. Results: The study revealed that the maximum growth was obtained at the concentrations of 0.4% HA, 8% SLF and 8.5:0.5% of SLF:HA combination that reflected in the increased carbohydrate and protein content. Conclusion: This study clearly established the fact that seaweed fertilizer and humic acid preparation can be used to enhance the growth of the plants and hence can be incorporated in the production of crops on a large scale.

P. Prakash
Amitesh Mitra
Ritanjan Nag
Swetha Sunkar
Asian Journal of Crop Science