Effect of Some Post-Cold Storage Treatments on Shelf Life of Sweet Potato Roots

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The experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of hot water treatment, Bio-health and Clean Root as post-harvest bio-fungicide treatments after four cold storage period (13°C and 80:90% RH) on physical and chemical content of ‘Abees’ sweet potato cultivar roots at the end of shelf life (15 days). Results revealed a gradual increase in weight loss and dry matter content and decrease in general appearance score and starch contents with the storage prolongation. No defected roots were found during the first 2 months of storage and no effect on flesh hue angle value during all storage periods. The total carotenoids content remained constant for two months of cold storage plus 15 days shelf-life and then decreased sharply until the end of storage period while total sugars were increased up to 2 months of storage period and then it began to decrease. All applied treatments did not give any defected roots for 2 months of cold storage plus 15 days shelf-life, except roots washed with tap water and untreated roots (control). Roots washed with tap water and control treatments recorded the highest value of defected roots, weight loss and total sugars content, also had the lowest value of general appearance, dry matter and starch content. Hot water + Bio-health and Bio-health treatments had the lowest values of weight loss, defected roots and highest score of general appearance and dry matter. Bio-health and Clean Root treatments exhibited the highest content of total carotenoids while heat water treatments recorded the least value. In brief, immersion in Bio-health as bio-fungicide after hot water treatment or Bio-health only after cold storage up to 4 months and before marketing (shelf life) period, as postharvest treatments and air-dried had more pronounced effect on physical and chemical quality of ‘Abees’ sweet potato cultivar roots.

S.F. El-Sayed
M.A. El-Helaly
M.S. Emam
M.A. Abdel-Ghaffar
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants