Effects of N, P and K Fertilizers on Yield, Content and Uptake of N, P and K by Sesame (Sesamum indicum)

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A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of N, P and K fertilization on yield, N, P and K content and uptake by sesame. The experiment comprised 4 nitrogen rates (0, 37.5, 75, 112.5 kg N ha-1), 3 phosphorus rates (0, 22.5 & 45 kg P2O5 ha-1) and 3 rates of potassium (0, 22.5 & 45 kg K2O ha-1). Optimum number of capsule and seed yield was obtained at 75 kg N ha-1 while dry matter yield was highest at 112.5 kg N ha-1. Application of P at 45 kg P2O5 ha-1 significantly increased number of capsules, seed and dry matter yields plant-1. N fertilization at 75 kg N ha-1 increased shoot N and K content by 155 and 8%, respectively. Shoot P content increased by 3.14 folds at 37.5 kg N ha-1. P and K showed no significant influence on N and P shoot content. N fertilization enhanced N, P and K shoot uptake by 260, 43 and 46%, respectively. There was no significant increase in N and K shoot uptake during P fertilization, while P uptake was increased by 72%. K did not significantly increase N and P shoot uptake but K shoot uptake was increased by 18%. The strength of relationship between seed yield and N, P and K uptake was very strong.

H.E. Shehu
J.D. Kwari
M.K. Sandabe
International Journal of Agriculture & Biology