Enhancing the Productivity of Early Grande Peaches under Northern Sinai Conditions via Supplemental Irrigation and Organic Fertilization

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This study was carried out during two successive seasons (2009/2010 and 2010/2011) on ten years old of Early Grande peach trees. All trees are grown in a sandy soil that budded on non-bitter almond rootstock planted at 5 x 5 meters under rainfall condition in irrigation. Fifty four experimental trees, that grown in a private orchard at El Hosinat, Rafah, North Sinai Gov., Egypt, were chosen of normal growth and uniformly in shape and size to apply this study. The experimental design was spilt plot design, whereas, the main plot was supplemental irrigation treatment (rainfall only, 10 mm + rainfall and 20 mm + rainfall per feddan) and the sub-main plot was organic fertilizer treatment (0, 25 and 50 kg/tree of olive solid waste). The obtained results cleared that both supplemental irrigation and organic fertilization significantly enhanced the most vegetative growth and yield of Early Grande peaches. In addition, 20 mm supplemental irrigation with 50 kg/tree organic fertilization produced the highest vegetative growth, yield and fruit quality, as well as leaf minerals content. Finally, no significant differences were found, in the most characteristics under study, due to using 50 kg/tree organic with 10 or with 20 mm water over rainfall in the two seasons.

S. El-Kosary
M.A. Abdel-Mohsen
S. El-Merghany
A.M. Badran
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants