Estudio de Mercado Pisco en Singapur

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Singapore is a small but sophisticated market demanding for high quality products with accolades and international presences. Consumers here favor a broad spectrum of quality, value and convenient when it comes to their choice of drinks. Mostly, young affluent consumers, brand conscious and are willing to try new products, new concoctions of drinks have drove up the on trade sales and raise consumption of alcoholic products in this little island with bustling social scene.
More people in Singapore are able to enjoy a bigger disposal income and have a much better spending power due to the healthy economy outlook. Traders are expecting to see a good growth for alcoholic drinks in the coming years.
Consumers are more willing to dine out and like the trend of social drinking in entertainment places and restaurants. Beer is still the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in Singapore, follows by spirits such as Brandy, Whisky and Rum.
Pisco, however have took a longer time to be part of the bartenders’ favourite. Pisco, however is still new to this region. Although Prochile introduce Pisco to Singapore in the 80s during tasting and sampling at the exhibition, the product did not take off with the consumers then when beer dominated the market.
Recent years, the Embassy of Peru in Singapore has been very active in promoting Peruvian pisco and has hail the drink as authentic National drink of Peru. A series of promotions in clubs, pubs and business networking reception were organized to ensure continuity of awareness.

Oficina Comercial de ProChile en Singapur