Estudio de Mercado Vino en Singapur

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Singapore is a small but sophisticated market demanding for high quality products with accolades and international presences. Consumer here favor a broad spectrum of quality, value and convenient when it comes to their purchases. High quality premium wine has a big niche in this market.
Singapore is located in a strategic location with a world class infrastructure for wine logistic, warehousing and tracking system, which is all part of a feature of the country’s transshipment hub. The hub gives timely supply of wines from around to world, through Singapore, to the flourishing neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia and even China and Philippines.
The trend of wine drinking has been increasing in the city nation especially since the opening of the two integrated resorts (IRs) and casinos. French is the biggest suppliers of wines and follows by Australia. Australia, with proximity advantage, input major efforts in promotion of their wines and have successfully gained the top second spot as one of the wine supplier to Singapore.
On the other hand, Chilean wines are slowly gaining acceptance in the market, especially for consumers who seek value and relatively good quality wines. Chilean wines has casted a low image in Singapore since the wines was first introduced into the market with low price strategy, which was then to compete with the Australian and New Zealand.
Over the years, Chilean wines image is picking up slowly but not quick enough, because there is not enough marketing effort and promotion to create awareness. There are more than 100 brands of Chilean wines in Singapore and not all available on the retail shelves.
Consideration has to be given for pricing during penetrating the market, also distribution network, placement of products and branding promotion. Chilean wines is viewed as cheap wines or known as table wines. However in most recent years, Chilean wines have been receiving good review through international mentions from places like De-canter, Robert Parkers and so forth. There is potential growth for Chilean wines, with a good help of strong branding campaign.
VCT Group has set up their Asia branch in Singapore and has greatly impact the image of their brands and in general raise the image of Chilean wines in Singapore and in the region. Plus points of having a branch office in Asia allow better control and better informed to penetrate the market and provide better services to the importers.

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