Evaluating the Effects of Pesticides Used in East-Algerian Orchards on Apis mellifera intermissa: Enzymatic Activity of Acetylcholinesterase

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The widespread use of different pesticides in the agriculture generates negative effects in non-target organisms such as bees. These products which are widely used in Algeria threaten biodiversity. This paper aims at revealing the impact of the pesticides toxicity during two flowering periods (2011 and 2012) at two localities in eastern Algeria; one exposed (Ben Amar) in the county of El Taref and another considered as a control site (Sidi Kaci) in the same county. A biochemical analysis of the enzymatic activity of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) was conducted. An inhibition of AChE activity in bees collected from the site of Ben Amar has been found compared with those of Sidi Kaci. This confirms the presence of pollutants in the exposed site and therefore the effects of environmental stress. A significant difference in AChE activity in the same period of spring of the two years: 2011 and 2012 has been noticed.

D. Nabti
M. Achou
N. Soltani
Academic Journal of Entomology