Evaluation and Screening of Glyphosate and Paraquat Herbicides after Emergence in Cotton

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Response of various post emergence herbicides at different levels i.e. Round up 490 G/L at the rate of 4.75 L ha , 2.75 L ha and 1.75 L ha (Glyphosat), Gramaxone 20EC (Paraquat) at the rate of 2.55 L ha and 11 1 1 untreated (control) under field experiment in cotton cultivar CIM-473 at Agronomic Research Area of Central Cotton Research Institute Multan. Significant control of weeds and increase in yield and yield contributing factors were observed. It was observed that the highest significant yield, number of bolls, fresh weed biomass, dry weed biomass, plant height and weed control were obtained by using Round up (Glyphosate) @ 4.75 L ha 1 as compared to other treatments including untreated (control). Average boll weight was not significant among the treatments, but significant against control. The highest net profit was obtained by the Round up 490 G/L when treated @ 4.75 L ha than all other treatments

Raheel Atif Hameed
Shazia Ajum
Muhammad Naveed Afzal
American-Eurasian Journal for Agricultural & Environmental Science