Evaluation of Cue-Lure and Methyl Eugenol Solid Lure and Insecticide Dispensers for Fruit Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) Monitoring and Control in Tahiti

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Performance of solid male lure (cuelure (C-L)/raspberry ketone (RK) against Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt), and methyl eugenol (ME) against oriental fruit fly, B. dorsalis (Hendel)) both formulated with insecticide, were evaluated in Tahiti Island (French Polynesia), as alternatives to current monitoring and control systems using liquid formulations of attractant and organophosphate insecticides. Captures of B. tryoni in traps with BactroMAT CL stations, Mallet C-L, Mallet MC wafers (containing both ME and RK), and Specialized Pheromone and Lure Application Technology (SPLAT) C-L were as high as with the standard liquid C-L formulation until 8 weeks, but thereafter the effectiveness of Mallet C-L baited traps declined. Captures of B. dorsalis with Mallet ME wafers outperformed any other ME formulation. Traps baited with ME and RK combined in a single Mallet MC wafer captured as many B. tryoni and B. dorsalis as traps baited with a single liquid lure. This suggested that solid Mallet dispensers with RK are longer lasting than those with CL. For control applications, the weathered SPLAT-MAT-ME-spinosad lure and kill formulation was equal to fresh material for up to 4 weeks. SPLAT C-L was more persistent than weathered SPLAT-MAT-ME under Tahitian climatic conditions, which suggested that SPLAT-MAT-ME may need to be reapplied at shorter intervals and in greater amounts for suppression of B. dorsalis than is required to suppress B. tryoni with SPLAT-MAT-C-L. Mallet ME and MC wafers and SPLAT-MAT-ME/C-L were more convenient and safer to handle than standard liquid insecticide formulations, and should be considered for monitoring and control programs in Pacific island nations. The Mallet MC wafer could be used in a single trap in place of two separate traps for detection of both ME and C-L responding fruit fly species, and thereby reduce trap and labor costs. In addition to the SPLAT-MATME or C-L for control, the Mallet MC wafer in a single trap should be tested further in Florida fruit fly programs.

Luc Leblanc
Roger I. Vargas
Bruce MacKey
Rudolph Putoa
Jaime C. Piñero
Florida Entomologist