Extraction and Characterization of Okra Mucilage as Pharmaceutical Excipient

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This study deals with extraction and characterization of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) mucilage as pharmaceutical excipients. Using water based extraction method, the yield of mucilage was found to be 11.44%. Characterization of the extracted mucilage was done by various parameters such as micromeritic studies, flow behaviour, organoleptic properties, surface tension, viscosity, loss on drying, ash value and swelling index. The result showed that extracted okra mucilage exhibited good flow properties (Angle of repose 27.29°), the surface tension of 0.25% w/v solutions of mucilage was found to be 0.0405 joule/m2, total ash was 7.53% w/w, loss on drying was 9.917% and pH was found to be 7.5. Extracted mucilage was soluble in warm water while insoluble in organic solvents. This showed that this can be safely used in dosage form without causing any adverse effect.

Uzma Farooq
Rishabha Malviya
Pramod Kumar Sharma
Academic Journal of Plant Sciences