Good Agricultural Practices for Food Safety in Blueberry Production: Basic Principles

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This document represents generally accepted, broad-based agricultural guidance, developed from current knowledge of food safety practices of FDA, USDA, and others. By identifying basic principles of food safety in blueberries from growing to processing, users of this guide will be better prepared to address elements of food safety concerns. These principles focus on risk reduction not risk elimination. Risk reduction is of utmost importance as all potential risks cannot be completely eliminated in food production. These guidelines are general and designed for all aspects of blueberry production (growers, packers/shippers, etc.). Based on the size and scope of your operation, some aspects may not be applicable for your situation. However, these GAP principles should be the basis to develop your own individual food safety programs.

Anamaría Gómez Rodas
Les Bourquin
Carlos García Salazar
Anamaría Varela-Gómez
John C. Wise
Michigan State University