Guatemala Coffee Annual 2010

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Coffee Production and Exports of Guatemala

Coffee production for MY 2011 is forecast at 4.0 million bags, the same as MY 2010. Export volumes for MY 2011 are forecast to remain steady at 3.8 million bags. Guatemalan coffee is being marketed more as a specialty product rather than a commodity. The United States is still Guatemala’s biggest customer, accounting for 49 percent of all exports. Japan follows and has increased its share to 16 percent of total exports. After coffee gained immediate duty-free access to Taiwan under the Guatemala-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement, coffee exports to that country have been growing. Guatemala has positioned itself as a marketing leader with worldwide recognition. Alliances have been made to increase production and exports of high quality, certified coffee. The “Cup of Excellence”, Guatemala’s on-line Coffee Auction Program, has consistently received a meritorious recognition from the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS). Domestic consumption has doubled in the past five years, through marketing strategies that involve coffee-soda beverages, Internet cafés, and specialty coffee shops and restaurants. The success for Guatemala as a coffee producer and exporter during 2010 has been hosting of the Third World Coffee Conference, where the new marketing interactive electronic platform was launched, which allows the Google Earth map (through GPS technology) to bring closer international buyers to local sellers at farm level.

Karla Tay