Honduras Exporter Guide Annual 2009

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United States Exporters enjoy an enviable position in the Honduran market and it has improved after the implementation of the CAFTA-DR agreement in 2006. The Honduran retail sector is by far the largest market for imported food, due to the expansion of supermarkets in urban areas. The HRI sector is developing rapidly and has a tremendous potential for processed products.

The Honduran economy has diversified in recent decades and now has a strong export-processing (maquila) industry, primarily focused on assembling textile and apparel goods for re-export to the United States, as well as automobile wiring harnesses and similar products. These industries employ about 130,000 Hondurans, out of an economically active population of 2.8 million. Despite the recent economic diversification, there continues to be a large subsistence farmer population with few economic opportunities. Honduras also has extensive forest, marine, and mineral resources, although widespread slash-and-burn agricultural methods and illegal logging continue to destroy Honduran forests.

Erika Sanchez