Hoop House Construction for New Mexico

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The hoop house, cold frame and high tunnel can be basically the same structure with minor changes to the design. The hoop house gets its name from its shape, although houses can be constructed with straight lines using elbows to get the desired shape for a building. The shape of a hoop house causes water and snow to be shed from its exterior while permitting sunrays to provide heat.

Houses of this category are made with aluminum pipes or plastic PVC pipes as hoops that are covered with a single layer of polymer plastic covering. A second layer may be added for better insulation.

Reasons to Build a Hoop House

Hoop houses are ecosystems all in themselves, and the environment inside can be manipulated to a crop's need.

Hoop houses can extend the growing season, since you may plant early, the collection of heat units with the plant is higher resulting in earlier harvesting. Planting in late summer and early fall allows you to produce and harvest into the winter months.

Planting in a protected environment guards the crop from Mother Nature's whims and control the crop's quality.

Using the hoop house for season extension increases income over a longer period of the year and allows the use of different marketing strategies.

Del Jimenez
Ron Walser
Reynaldo Torres
New Mexico State University