How to Access Trade Finance: A Guide for Exporting SMEs

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This Guide provides the SME manager with key advice on how to understand bank requirements, prepare a bankable proposal and a solid business plan, conduct better negotiations with banks, and use banks to boost their competitiveness. The publication also describes how to develop a relationship between a new breed of bankers and SME managers. These are bankers who are ready to work closely with the SME community to understand their needs and provide new solutions.

For SME managers to develop a beneficial relationship with banks, they must understand the mission of the banks and their exposure limitations. They must be proactive in their search for sustainable business ideas. Together, banks, trade support institutions and firms must develop clear benchmarks and early warning systems to minimize non-performing loans. They must also establish a climate of dialogue and trust.

How to Access Trade Finance: A Guide for Exporting SMEs will be particularly useful for SME managers. It will also be useful for trade support institutions, and business trainers and coaches. Sector associations will find a number of useful answers for their members. We also hope that bankers will find this Guide helpful in developing a better understanding with SMEs.

International Trade Centre & Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific
International Trade Centre