Identification and Quantify of the Main Climatic Factors Affecting Potato Growth and Yield

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Potato growth and development are affected strongly by weather and simple ways of normalizing growth at a location for seasonal differences in weather are useful for management decision. To acquire information about climatic factors affecting growth and yield of potato, a stepwise regression analysis was conducted. Moreover, collected data about climatic factors and vegetative growth parameters were subjected to the stepwise regression analysis. Considered climatic factors in the study were maximum, minimum and average air temperature (°C), maximum, minimum and average relative humidity (%), maximum, minimum and average soil temperature (°C) and solar radiation (cal/cm2). However, studied vegetative growth parameters were plant length, number of leaves, leaves area, canopy fresh and dry weight. Hartz and Moore model was used to predict productivity of potato crop using the weather elements is the most influential using the weather elements is the most influential. Results indicated that vegetative growth parameters could be predict using specific elements of the weather i.e. maximum relative humidity is a predictor for plant height, minimum air temperature and maximum soil temperature are predictor for number of leaves. Moreover, total leaves area could be predict depending on average relative humidity, maximum soil temperature and minimum air temperature. Finally potato crop yield could be predict using Hartz and Moore prediction model which is mainly depend on revised growing degree days (RGDD), total solar radiation and daily air temperature range.

Fatma S. Moursy
I.I. Sadek
S.M. Abolmaaty
M.A. Youssef
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants