Influence of Combined Effect of Nitrogen and Micronutrients on Yield and Yield Contributing Characters of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

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The experiment was conducted at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Research Farm, Dhaka, during April to July 2013 to find out the best combination of different levels of applied nitrogen (N) and micronutrients on growth and yield of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.). The experiment were comprised of twelve combinations of different N levels and micronutrients. The interaction effect of different levels of N and micronutrients significantly influenced on almost all yield contributing characters and seed yield of sesame except 1000-seed weight. The highest value of yield contributing characters and seed yield was recorded with the combined dose of N1M3 (60 kg N ha -1  along with 150 ppm micronutrients) and the lowest values were 1 obtained from control, N0M0 (0 kg N ha-1 and 0 ppm micronutrients) treatments. The highest yield (1.46 t ha-1) was obtained from 60 kg N ha-1 with 150 ppm micronutrients where as the lowest yield (0.59 t ha-1) found with control treatment. So combined use of 60 kg N ha-1 with 150 ppm micronutrients have produced highest seedyield of sesame by adjusting yield contributing characters of sesame.

B.J. Shirazy
M.M. Islam
M.A. Hoque
M. M. Mahbub
4T.A. Somee
Botany Research International