Influence of Place Packing or Tray Packing on the Cooling Rate of Palletized 'Anjou' Pears

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Tightly stacked pallets of wrapped, place-packed ‘Anjou’ pears cooled slower than those that were tray packed. Half-cooling times ranged from 2.0 to 15.7 days for wrapped, place-packed pears vs. 1.7 to 7.4 days for tray-packed pears. More time was required to remove heat from the middle than from the top or bottom of the pallets in both packaging systems; however the difference in temperature between the middle and top or bottom of the pallet was greater for a longer period of time when pears were wrapped and place packed. The large range in temperature within a pallet illustrated that the pallet is not a uniform unit. A change in how fruit are packed can dramatically change how fruit cool within a pallet. Accumulation of carbon dioxide and ethylene in slower-cooling boxes suggests that tray packing can enhance ‘Anjou’ quality by facilitating faster product cooling

Dana F. Faubion
Adel A. Kader