Insect Management in Plums

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The most important pests of peaches and plums are common to both crops in Florida; however, the peach tree borer is much less destructive to plums than to peaches. Also the minimum waiting period between last application and harvest of plums is different for some of the insecticides.

Do not use the following insecticides within the indicated days of harvest of plums: Malathion-3, methoxychlor-7, Sevin-1, and Imidan-7. Use materials recommended for dooryard peaches for dooryard plums.

Plum leaf scald is the major limiting factor to plum production in Florida. This disease is spread by leafhoppers but little can be done to control this problem at present. The disease can kill trees in three years or less.

Russell F. Mizell, III
University of Florida, IFAS Extension