Insecticide Safety

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Read and heed the precautions on the label. Relatively few deaths have occurred among workers handling poisonous agricultural products or insecticides. Those that have occurred can be traced to disregard of even the minimum safety directions and precautions found on product labels.

Some violations occur through ignorance or misunderstanding of the available information. Many more violations result from plain carelessness --- or what is worse, recklessness on the part of workers who have been adequately informed.

The key to safe handling is understanding coupled with the diligent practice of safe working habits. Accidents with pesticides can be prevented. Some of the major causes are: (1) leaving the material within reach of irresponsible persons; (2) failure to read and follow the use precautions on the label; and (3) carelessness in the disposal of empty containers.

Freddie Johnson
University of Florida, IFAS Extension