Integrated Production of Wine: Manual for Farms

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IPW.jpgThe aim of this guide is to assist in the implementation of the IPW guidelines and also aims to assist in the completion of the evaluation forms in the IPW Guidelines.




Keep the guidelines at hand for easy reference.

  1. In future all changes like coding of newly registered chemicals or legislation will be made available on and cellars will also be informed thereof.
  2. Producers must complete Appendix 1, Table 1 A & B, Appendix 2A, 2B and 2C and file the completed forms at their cellars before the end of May each year in order to qualify for IPW.
  3. Cellars must complete Appendix 4 for the previous season and fax it together with the forms for the farm to the IPW office (021 889 8272) before the end of May each year.
  4. Please note that cellars have to ensure that all producers delivering grapes to their cellar are registered under IPW before taking in their grapes.
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