Inter-Space Utilization Through Garlic (Allium sativum) Production in Watermelon (Cirullus lanatus) Field in Coastal Saline Area

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 The experiment was conducted at farmer`s field of FSRD site, Hazirhat, Noakhali during Rabi season of 2011-2012 and 2012-13 to utilize inter-space of watermelon field through garlic production. The experiment consisted of 5 treatments are as follows: T = Sole watermelon (Glory), T = Sole garlic (local), T = Watermelon 1 23 + Local garlic, T = Watermelon + BARI Rashun-1 and T = Watermelon + BARI Rashun-2. Watermelon 4 5 equivalent yield was maximum in treatment Watermelon + BARI Rashun 2 (48.46 t ha ) followed by Watermelon 1 + BARI Rashun-1 (46.67 t ha ) and Watermelon + Local garlic (45.67 t ha ), respectively. Higher LER was 1 1 recorded from the treatment Watermelon + BARI Rashun-2 (1.23) followed by Watermelon + BARI Rashun-1 (1.17). Land advantage of crop combination in different treatments ranges from 13 % to 23%. The higher Gross margin (Tk.282760 ha ) was obtained from the treatment Watermelon + BARI Rashun-2 which was followed 1 by watermelon + BARI Rashun-1 (Tk.268430 ha ). Watermelon with garlic cultivation also showed higher BCR 1 (3.48, 3.56 and 3.70) over sole watermelon and garlic cultivation (3.42 and 2.25), respectively. This obviously reflected the importance of intercropping to increase the productivity per unit area. Further, it also offers insurance against crop failure.

Mohammad Mohi Uddin Chowdhury
Ibne Saleh Md. Farhad
Sujan Kumar Bhowmik
Abu Sadek Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Khan
Apurba Kanti Choudhury
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences