IPM: Insect and Mite Pests of Apples

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Knowledge of a pest's biology, including the stages at which it causes damage and its seasonal occurrence, and recognition of damage are essential to both conventional and alternative control methods in orchard pest management. This publication presents information on the damage symptoms and signs caused by many insect and mite pests commonly encountered in commercial as well as backyard apple orchards in the Midwest. A seasonal timeline shows the approximate time of occurrence for apple pests in central Missouri.

  • Fruit-damaging pests
    • Codling moth
    • Oriental fruit moth
    • Plum curculio
    • Tarnished plant bug
    • Stinkbugs
    • Leafrollers
    • San Jose Scale
    • Apple maggot
  • Foliage-damaging pests
    • Mites
    • Tentiform leafminers
    • White apple leafhopper
    • Aphids
  • Trunk and twig damaging pests
    • Dogwood borer
    • Flatheaded appletree borer
    • Roundheaded appletree borer
  • Miscellaneous apple pests
    • Japanese beetle
    • Yellownecked caterpillar
    • Fall webworm
    • Shothole borer
    • Cicadas
    • Grasshoppers


Bruce A. Barrett
University of Missouri