Iraq Food Agricultural Import Regulations

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This FAIRS Country Report details regulatory requirements and import procedures for food and agricultural imports to Iraq.
The Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) is an independent government agency that was established by law no.54 in 1979 and acts as a consultant on quality control and standardization issues for government ministries and state owned enterprises. It maintains relationships with international standard setting organizations. The organization is presided over by a president and a deputy minister. It consists of three directorates headed by a general director who reports to the president.
Iraq food standards are based on Codex Alimentarius, as well as regulations and standards of neighboring countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Gulf Cooperation Council states. Shelf life and standards applied in the region significantly influence Iraqi shelf life and standards. The KRG has reached an agreement with their counterparts in Baghdad, on adopting the same standardization and quality control standards issued by COSQC.

Walid Sharif Al-Ani