Keys to Successful Tomato and Cucumber Production in Perlite Media

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Tomato and cucumber are popular and important crops for greenhouse production in Florida. Profitability from production of tomato and cucumber requires attention to the many details of crop culture. The major keys to successful greenhouse production of tomato and cucumber are presented in this publication. This guide is directed at the small to medium-sized grower with one to several houses, but much of the information is also useful for larger operations. The information in this guide focuses on tomato and cucumber, but also applies to other crops grown in soilless media, including pepper, eggplant, melons, lettuce, and cut-flowers. Although this guide focuses on perlite media in lay-flat bags, most of the principles also pertain to other soilless media, such as rockwool slabs and peat-mix bags. In addition, many of these principles apply to using perlite, pine bark, or similar media in containers, such as nursery containers.

George J. Hochmuth
Robert C. Hochmuth
University of Florida IFAS Extension