Kiwifruit Shape Classification Based on Geometrical Attributes Analysis

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Fruit shape is one of the most important quality parameters for evaluation by customer preference. Additionally, misshapen fruits are generally rejected according to sorting standards of fruit. This study was carried out to determine quantitative classification algorithm for fruit shape in kiwifruit. Geometrical attributes and some physical characteristics of kiwifruit such as length, major diameter, minor diameter, mass, volume and density were measured. To achieve objective and reproducible results, an assessment based on geometrical attributes analysis was proposed and significant differences in fruit shape parameters i.e. length to major diameter ratio (aspect ratio) and major diameter to minor diameter ratio (ellipsoid ratio) were detected between fruit shapes. Finally, the results of the study indicated that aspect ratio and ellipsoid ratio can be used effectively to determine normal and misshapen fruit.

Mahdi Hosseini Bahri
Majid Rashidi
Reza Farahmandfar
Agricultural Engineering Research Journal