Mango Postharvest Best Management Practices Manual

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Providing outstanding-quality mangos in the market that consumers will want to purchase again and again requires a commitment to quality by each and every stakeholder involved in mango production and handling. The Mango Quality Project has identified mango harvest and handling practices that can be improved, such as better determination of proper harvest maturity; better temperature management before hot water treatment, after hot water treatment, prior to shipping and during shipping, and in the distribution centers in the U.S.; better packinghouse sorting and grading of fruit; better packaging and palletizing of mangos; and better management of retail mango displays.

The NMB Best Management Practices Manual includes instructions in its appendix for conducting quality-control program practices that include standard methods for 1) determining harvest maturity by visual inspection and measurement of soluble solids (°Brix), total solids and firmness; 2) water-quality measurements; 3) measuring water and fruit flesh temperatures during hot water treatment and post-hot-water hydrocooling; and 4) measuring ambient air and fruit flesh temperatures and relative humidity during subsequent precooling and storage, at trailer or marine container loading, and at distribution centers. This Best Management Practices Manual also contains color plates to be used as guides for determining stages of fruit maturity and ripeness and for identifying mango diseases and disorders, as well as mango quality assessment forms with instructions for standard methods for rating the incidence and severity of those disorders.

Every step in the handling of fresh mangos contributes to delivery of good quality and shelf life to customers. Therefore, attention to detail is required at each step in preparation and distribution. This manual outlines the major steps involved in mango handling and distribution and addresses the common problems and recommended best practices that will ensure delivery of the best possible quality mangos to your customers.

Jeffrey K. Brecht
Steven A. Sargent
Adel A. Kader
Elizabeth J. Mitcham
Fernando Maul
Patrick E. Brecht
Octavio Menocal
National Mango Board