Manual for sustainable coffee production

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Throughout the coffee producing areas in Uganda, a vast number of coffee trees have been lost mainly as a result of Coffee Wilt disease but also due to mismanagement and neglect. It is estimated that about 100 million trees have died since 1993. It is therefore important for farmers to plant new trees to recuperate the lost production.

When deciding to plant seedlings or clonal cuttings, farmers should ensure that the planting material originates from registered and approved nurseries.

The planting holes should be dug about 3 months before planting and filled with a mix of soil and manure. Planting will then be carried out just at the onset of the rainy season.

It is im portant to keep the young seedlings shaded and protected from the hot sun especially at mid-day. During dry spells it is im portant that they are watered every couple of days.


  • Agricultural Sustainability Flow Chart for Smallholder Coffee Farmers
  • Improved Agricultural Methods
    • Planting
    • Weeding
    • Pruning
    • Mulching
    • Erosion Control and Rainwater Harvesting
    • Shade Tree Planting - Agro-Forestry Approach
    • Composting and Manuring
    • Fertilizing
  • Harvesting and Post-Harvesting
    • Picking and Drying
    • Coffee Storage
  • Agricultural Sustainability
    • Chemicals and Safety Measures
    • Storage of Chemical Products
    • Deforestation
    • Hygiene and Cleanliness
    • Water
    • Human Rights and Workers Rights
    • Farmer Grouping
    • Diversification
    • Record Keeping
      • Farm Activity record
      • Farm Sales / Income Record
      • Gross Margin Calculation



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