A Manual on Vegetable Seed Production in Bangladesh

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The manual is intended to provide a highly authentic technical information related to the production of vegetable seeds in Bangladesh covering the major crops grown in tropical, sub-tropical and temperate regions of the world. The manual is largely based on information gathered when the authors involved in vegetable variety development and seed production research in Bangladesh. The botany, varieties, methods of seed production, pests and diseases and post-harvest handling of the individual vegetable have been described. Basic principles of seed production including mode of reproduction and climatic factors for seed production are described through Chapter 1 to 3. Chapter 4, 5,6 and 7 deal with the seed production of major vegetable crops while chapter 8 deals with hybrid seed production. Chapter 9 describes the post-harvest handling of vegetable seeds.
This manual is designed as a guide for seed technologists and seed producers in Bangladesh which in turn may help for the development of the emerging seed industry in Bangladesh. Not only as the guide for seed producers, the manual may also serve as a text book for the graduate students and a valuable source of reference to researchers.

M. A. Rashid
D. P. Singh
AVRDC-USAID-Bangladesh Project