Mechanized Farming for Slopeland Orchards in Japan

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In Japan, most of the farm work in slopeland orchards in the past has been carried out manually, since there has been no suitable machinery. However nowadays there is a severe problem of aging farmers and a shortage of young successors, especially for citrus orchards on steep hillsides. For this reason, the staff of the Shikoku National Agricultural Experiment Station have developed a mechanized farming system for slopeland citrus orchards. This involves the construction of farm paths, and the use of machines which the operator walks behind, such as an air-blast sprayer, a raised bed transporter and a hand-held shallow cultivator. This new mechanized system has reduced the total work hours by more than 30%, while farmers' incomes have increased because of the improved quality of the citrus fruit.

Masahiro Miyazaki
Shikoku National Agricultural Experiment Station