Modeling of Tangerine Mass Based on Geometrical Properties

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Nine linear regression models for predicting tangerine mass based on some geometrical properties of tangerine such as length (L), diameter (D), geometrical mean diameter (GMD), first projected area (PA1), second projected area (PA2), criteria area (CAE) and estimated volume based on an oblate spheroid assumed shape (VSp) were suggested. The statistical results of the study indicated that in order to predict tangerine mass based on outer dimensions, the mass model based on GMD as M = - 150.5 +43.94 GMD with R2 = 0.89 can be recommended. In addition, to predict tangerine mass based on projected areas, the mass model based on CAE as M = - 26.08 + 4.842 CAE with R2 = 0.90 can be suggested. Moreover, to predict tangerine mass based on estimated volume, the mass model based on VSp as M = 16.00 + 0.828 VSp with R2 = 0.88 can be used.

Majid Rashidi
Siavash Behboodi
Hossein Beheshty Asl
Agricultural Engineering Research Journal