Models for Predicting The Mass of Persimmon (Diospyros kaki) Fruits by Some Physical Properties

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The main aim of this study was to predict the mass of two Indian persimmon cultivars (Hachiya and Fuyu) based on their physical properties by applying linear regression models with three different classification i.e. mass models based on dimensions, projected area and volume. Results showed that the mean values of all properties are higher for hachiya cultivar than fuyu cultivar. Mass modelling of persimmon based on its length, projected area perpendicular to length and assumed volume (oblate spheroid) were the most appropriate models in the first, second and third classification respectively. And it was finally concluded that the suitable grading system of persimmon mass is based on projected area perpendicular to length(PAL) and showed a linear relationship (M=5.53=PAL-18.88, R2 = 0.95 (for Hachiya) and M=9.93PAL-164.02, R2 = 0.97 (for Fuyu)) with mass of persimmon fruits.

K.V. Subbarao
K. Vivek
International Food Research Journal