The Need for Herbicide Use in Direct Seeding, Promotes More Sustainable and Implementation of Integrated Systems

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Technological advances the Argentine has been in recent years such that now stands at the forefront worldwide. The explosion of agriculture, tillage, GM crops and the widespread use of glyphosate have raised controversy, especially regarding the toxicity of the latter. Before weeds are controlled with tillage and these involve serious problems of erosion and soil degradation. Tillage and herbicides have changed the situation and consequently the sustainability of production systems. Glyphosate plays an important role in this transformation, but were allowed to use, would be replaced by more expensive and dangerous herbicides. Under that is essential to achieve these objectives through high yields very tech practice, it is necessary to introduce new technologies to assist the sector mitigation tools and can coexist using those chemicals that may mitigate high exposure to them through technology capabilities to detoxify crops. This tech package is just something known by the scientific-technical and production industry, but that has innovation in its application. The use of PGPR as biofertilizers is a widespread technique that has been installed as a enhancer of crops and environmentally friendly. Our study is based on countering the abuse of chemicals through a complementary technology to mitigate residual glyphosate in crops.

Luna V
Masciarelli O
Travaglia C
Marchetti G
Lucero M
Reinoso H
Advances in Crop Science and Technology