The Netherlands Horticulture Market

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This report examines the Dutch trade of horticultural products as defined by HS Chapters 06 Live trees and plants, Chapter 07 Vegetable products, and Chapter 08 Edible fruits and nuts. World trade in these products reached $173 billion in 2015. The Netherlands, a global player, had a 13% share of the world market valued at $22 billion.

In contrast to its small size and population, the Netherlands is a powerhouse when it comes to the production and trade in horticultural products. The Netherlands is the largest exporter of live trees and plants and the third largest exporter of vegetable products. Within the European Union, they are the fifth largest producer of vegetables and the tenth largest producer of fruit. The Netherlands also plays a key role in horticultural logistics. Over seventy percent of imported fruit and eighty percent of imported flowers and vegetables are re-exported. Many third country suppliers find it more efficient and less costly to ship their products through the Port of Rotterdam, especially those destined for Belgium and Germany

Susan Phillips