Optimization of Guava Juice and Powder Production

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Enzyme treatment of guava puree was optimized for yield and clarity by first determining the most effective concentration, then varying both incubation time and temperature. Application of Pectinex Ultra SP-L® was optimal using 700 ppm enzyme for 1.5 hr at 50°C. Clarified guava juice was clearer (89.6%) when prepared using ultrafiltration (MW cut-off 40-60kDa) rather than plate and frame filtration (82.8%); however the latter was higher in both soluble solids and ascorbic acid. Clarified guava juice powders were made using freeze-drying, spray drying and tunnel drying. The freeze-dried product had superior quality; however the spray-dried product was stable and may be more economical. Sensory panelists ranked the cloudy juice prepared from aseptic guava puree highest, and there were no significant differences between the juices from pasteurized, clear nectar, freeze-dried puree powder or juice powder.

Chetan A. Chopda
Diane M. Barrett
UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology