Optimization of Roasting Time and Temperature for Brewed Hararghe Coffee (Coffea Arabica L.) Using Central Composite Design

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This study was conducted to optimize roasting time and temperature that would result in acceptable quality of brewed Hararghe coffee in terms of different sensory attributes. A Face Centered Central Composite Design (FCCD) was used to carry out the study. Coffee beans were roasted in oven using roasting time and temperature combination of 220, 225 and 230°C for 10, 20 and 30 minutes. Physical properties of roasted coffee beans (density, size, weight, texture, color, and susceptibility to breakage) and sensory properties of brewed coffee (color, aroma, flavor, taste, overall acceptability and body) were evaluated. The results showed that roasting time temperature and their interaction significantly (p<0.05) affected physical properties of roasted coffee bean and sensory properties of brewed coffee. The results of optimization indicated that the best results were obtained with roasting time ranging from 14 to 27 minutes and roasting temperature of 221 to 223°C. Under these ranges of roasting conditions the overall acceptability, aroma and flavor scores were between like and moderately like; color was between light brown to brown, taste was between slightly bitter and moderately bitter whereas the body was between slightly thin and slightly heavy

A. Anisa
W.K. Solomon
A. Solomon
International Food Research Journal