Organic Food

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Organic food, for which there is a Codex Alimentarius definition (Anon, 2001), is food grown using husbandry principles and techniques that predated the introduction of modern agronomy. These husbandry principles are now applied with the benefit of modern scientific understanding and technologies to give a supposedly sustainable system of food production but one incapable of feeding the world. Moreover, organic food production in the developed world is still water dependent and largely dependent on fossil fuels for production, transport and processing.

Organic food is a small sector of the food industry with an identity defined and protected by law in many countries. In recent years it has been growing but in the current economic climate its growth has declined. Its existence provides an element of consumer choice.
The production of organic food requires the same involvement of professional food scientists and technologists and is subject to the same requirements of good manufacturing practice and food safety as the rest of the food industry, but is also subject to specific additional legal requirements as to cultivation, composition and labelling.

Ralph Blanchfield
International Union of Food Science and Technology