Organically Produced Foods

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Food labelling is the primary means of communication between the producer and seller of food on one hand, and the purchaser and consumer on the other. The Codex Alimentarius standards and guidelines on food labelling are published in a specific volume: Food Labelling. In addition to the general recommendations, the Codex Committee on Food Labelling also provides guidance for certain claims commonly found in the market in order to provide clear information to the consumer.

The Codex Committee on Food Labelling developed the Guidelines for the Production, Processing, Labelling and Marketing of Organically Produced Foods in view of the growing production and international trade in organically produced foods with a view to facilitating trade and preventing misleading claims.

The Guidelines are intended to facilitate the harmonization of requirements for organic products at the international level, and may also provide assistance to governments wishing to establish national regulations in this area. The Guidelines include general sections describing the organic production concept and the scope of the text; description and definitions; labelling and claims (including products in transition/conversion); rules of production and preparation, including criteria for the substances allowed in organic production; inspection and certification systems; and import control.

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World Health Organization