Pepper Diseases: A Field Guide

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This field guide contains illustration and description of many of the diseases and disease-like disorders that affect pepper throughout the world. The guide is not all-inclusive, but an attempt has been made to include as many of the economically important diseases as possible. The guide is designed to serve as an aid in the identification of pepper diseases and should be useful to extension agents, agricultural advisors, plant disease diagnosticians, commercial peppers growers, home gardeners, and others interested in pepper production. The guide in not intended to be a diagnostic manual, because final disease diagnosis should not be made solely on the basis of symptoms. Users of the guide should, in most cases, have their field identifications confirmed by a specialist in a diagnostic laboratory.

Lowell L. Black
Sylvia K. Green
Glen l. Hartman
Jean M. Poulos
AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center