Pomegranate Production

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Pomegranates have been grown as a common backyard crop for decades in the South. In recent years, there has been an increased interest in the commercial production of the fruit in Georgia and surrounding regions. This production increase is largely in response to increased demand for the fruit by the consumer. Global production has increased substantially in the past decade, and pomegranate is being consumed not only as a fresh fruit, but also as juice or as a freshly prepared product. The fruit is also being utilized in numerous consumer products, including tea and juice blends, nut mixes and countless other food and non-food stuffs.

This publication describes current knowledge specific for the commercial and backyard growing of pomegranate in Georgia, as well as general production practices common in other pomegranate-producing regions. However, it should be noted that limited local knowledge is available, and the information contained in this publication is based largely on the fruit produced at the UGA Ponder Farm, an orchard that was planted in 1991-1994.

Dan MacLean
Harald Scherm
University of Georgia