Postharvest - Macadamia

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USDAARS.jpgThe family Proteaceae includes about 10 species of the genus Macadamia, two of which produce edible nuts: M. integrifolia and M. tetraphylla or hybrids of these. The major species of commerce is M.integrifolia. Macadamia nuts are native to Australia and are produced there as well as in Hawaii, Central and South America and parts of Africa. Nearly all production consists of grafted trees of cultivars developed in Hawaii or Australia. The edible kernel is enclosed in a thick, hard shell that, in turn, is enclosed in a husk that separates from the tree at about the time the seed is mature. The kernel is nearly spherical, consisting of joined equal-sized halves, ie., cotyledons.

Catherine G. Cavaletto
USDA Agriculture Handbook