Production of Greenhouse-Grown Peppers in Florida

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university_of_florida.gifIn the US, the consumption of high quality red, yellow, and orange bell peppers (Capsicum annuum) has been increasing dramatically in the past decade. To satisfy consumers demand, Mexico, The Netherlands, Canada, Israel, and Spain have been exporting high-quality greenhouse-grown peppers into the U.S. In Florida, high market prices, consumer demand, and a suitable environment for growing colored peppers under protected agriculture have encouraged greenhouse growers to consider the economic viability of this crop. In the past years, high quality colored peppers (greenhouse-grown) shipped to Miami averaged year-round wholesale fruit prices 3 times greater than colored field-grown fruits and 5 times greater than field-grown green fruits. With mild winter regions, Florida's greenhouse industry benefits from growing plants and producing fruits under a relatively optimal plant environment during much of the year

Elio Jovicich
Daniel J. Cantliffe
Steven A. Sargent
Lance S. Osborne
University of Florida, IFAS Extension