Propagating Muscadine Grapes

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Muscadine grapes are easy to propagate using softwood cuttings. The best time to take cuttings is when the vines are actively growing, in late May to early August. Before propagating a vine, determine whether or not the cultivar is patented. It is illegal to propagate patented cultivars without permission from the patent holder.
Selecting the parent vines: Always take cuttings from healthy, vigorous vines that have made good growth, have produced a good crop, are free of disease, and have not been pinched, topped, or severely injured. Vines that have suffered from drought or disease, or that have been defoliated by insects or frost, produce poor cuttings. Avoid wood from 1- or 2-year-old vines until trueness to type is established. Wood from vines that have carried excessive crops may be in a poorly nourished condition and should also be avoided.
The most desirable canes for cuttings are of medium size (less than or equal to pencil diameter) with internodes of moderate length (1 to 4 inches). Select wood that is still green but not excessively succulent. Use the basal portion of the shoot early in the season and the mid-portion later in the season.

Connie Fisk
Benny Bloodworth
Bill Cline
Whit Jones
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service