Propagation of Jojoba Shrub by Grafting

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A seedy female jojoba shrub of good traits (seeds of high oil content) was selected as a source of scions and propagated in two dates, April and August during 2010 and 2011 seasons by two grafting methods namely top wedge and veneer grafting. Twelve seedy mature male or non-productive female jojoba shrubs (15 years old) were used as rootstocks. Data showed that grafting practiced in April were significantly higher in success percentage and sprout length than that of August while, grafting in August showed significantly lower number of days for sprouting. Top wedge grafting scored  significantly higher success percentage and sprout length. On the other hand, veneer grafting scored significantly lower number of days for sprouting. April was the recommended time for jojoba grafting and top wedge grafting as well.

Magda M. Khattab
Ayman A. Hegazi
Mohamed E. Elsayed
Abd Thi Al Jalal Z. Hassan
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants