Quality of Autumn Harvested Honey in Dangilla Wereda

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The study was initiated to evaluate the physico-chemical quality of autumn harvested honey of Ethiopia particularly in Dangilla district, North West Gojjam. Twenty seven honey samples were collected from three different altitudes throughout the chain of honey handlers. The mean value of moisture content, pH, ash, titratable acidity, hydroxyl methyl furfural (HMF) and diastase activity was found to be 18.44, 4.18, 0.265, 3.88, 3.61 and 10.39 respectively. All physico-chemical quality of honey exhibit a significant (P<0.05) difference between samples collected from different altitude and across the chain. The majority of the samples were found to be in acceptable range of international honey commission standard and Ethiopian honey quality standard for all of the tested parameters. Among the tested honey samples, only 14.8% (moisture content) and 11.1% (titratable acidity) were above the standard limit. Overall, the outcome of this study shows, Dangilla district has the great potential to provide honey for local consumption as well as for exporting honey to foreign market.

Tadele Andargie
Gebrehana Ashine
Journal of Food Chemistry and Nutrition