Quality of Mangosteen Juice Colored with Mangosteen Pericarp

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This study aimed at production of mangosteen juice using mangosteen pericarp as a natural colorant. Furthermore, quality changes of the mangosteen juice during refrigerated storage were investigated. Formula of mangosteen juice was developed based on flavor and color by addition of sucrose and mangosteen pericarp, respectively. Mangosteen juice adjusted to 18º Brix and added with 0.2% mangosteen pericarp obtained the highest sensory scores of quality attributes for flavor, color and overall liking. Subsequently, the mangosteen juice was pasteurized at 90ºC for 5 min and stored at 4°C for 5 weeks. L* , a* , b* , pH, ascorbic acid, anthocyanin, total phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity of the mangosteen juice decreased (p<0.05), whereas an increase in titratable acidity was observed during the storage (p<0.05). Total soluble solids of the mangosteen juice remained stable throughout the storage period. In addition, bacteria and yeast and mold counts of the mangosteen juice stored for 5 weeks were still acceptable. The results indicate that the shelf life of mangosteen juice developed in this study was at least 5 weeks at 4ºC.

S Manurakchinakorn
Y Chainarong
C Sawatpadungkit
International Food Research Journal