Smart Irrigation System: A Water Management Procedure

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This paper presents a smart irrigation system suitable for use in places where water scarcity is a challenge. In many parts of Africa, even when irrigation is practiced, it is manually operated. Smart irrigation system is thereby believed to be a major solution. The paper therefore presents a smart irrigation system that optimizes the available water in the water reservoir thus providing an efficient and effective water usage solution for the irrigation system. The irrigation system is able to automatically start/stop water pumps on the irrigation site based on the soil moisture content acquired from the moisture content sensor as well as the ultrasonic sensor measuring the water level in the reservoir. The measured sensor values are sent to the Arduino microcontroller for configuring the control algorithm. The system prioritizes irrigation operation by determining the number of pumps to be operated at any instance as well as their locations. In this way, different crops can be watered depending on their varying water requirements. In order to implement the design, a laboratory scale architectural model depicting a farm setting with reservoir, direct current (DC) pumps and the control unit was constructed. Experimental results revealed good performance which makes the developed system a suitable tool for studies on irrigation.

Olugbenga Kayode Ogidan
Abiodun Emmanuel Onile
Oluwabukola Grace Adegboro
Agricultural Sciences