Soil characteristics affected by using the new conservationist tillage tool rotary paraplow

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Soil preparation systems with conservationist features aimed at preserving soil and environment are currently very important. To this end, the Rotary Paraplow was created; namely, a new conservationist tool for soil preparation in which a vertical rotary hoe with a traction Paraplow was added. The aim of this study was to evaluate the characteristics of the planting strip generated by the new conservationist tool for the preparation of soil, the Rotary Paraplow. The analysis of the results showed that the Rotary Paraplow produces a wellprepared soil strip that has ideal characteristics for sowing seeds, characterized by a small surface and large subsurface width, which means less exposure of topsoil to erosion.

Daniel Albiero
Antonio J. da Silva-Maciel
Renan D. Tunussi
Revista Agrociencia, México